Sleep Disorders

Sherwood, OR

Do you suffer from panic attacks, phobias that have become incapacitating, unrelenting worries as well as obsessive thoughts? You may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. At Ken R. Erickson MD PHD, you can get effective anxiety treatment and begin to live a happy anxiety-free life.

Anxiety disorders often go undiagnosed. Many people don't get the right treatment as a result. With our help, you can discover the true cause of your anxiety and therefore be better able to deal with it. We provide you with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of yourself and how to improve your situation.

We can help you reach your full potential. You can engage with other people in social, occupational or academic activities without experiencing extreme levels of stress like you would in the past. You can learn to get along with other people and therefore develop and maintain great relationships.

Our anxiety treatment helps you accept who you are and your condition. We'll help you develop the self-awareness and self-confidence you need to live a happy life free of anxiety. You can take control of those self-conscious thoughts that are holding you back. We give you the opportunity to regain control of your thoughts and actions. We put you in control so that you can stop the impulsive actions that are a manifestation of your anxieties.

Our cognitive therapy approach addresses the distortions and negative thought patterns that cause you to look at the world differently. We look at how your thoughts affect the way you feel and help you gain control over the way you think about yourself.

With our help, you can overcome your anxieties. If you're in Sherwood, OR, contact us today to get started on the road to self-acceptance. You can begin the journey to being the person you've always wanted to be.