Lake Oswego, OR

Are you easily distracted, experience reckless behavior, have racing thoughts or get little to no sleep most of the time? If you or one of your loved one has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, get in touch with us. You'll get the best psychiatric treatment at Ken R. Erickson MD PHD within the Lake Oswego, OR.
This brain disorder can be difficult to deal with on your own. People who have this disorder are often unable to carryout everyday tasks. With our assistance, we'll help you become more productive.
There is no specific cure for bipolar disorder. However, there are various treatments and therapies available to help those who suffer from this mental disorder deal with it. Our approach has proven to be effective with many of our clients. We deal with each client as an individual. We therefore use a combination of therapies that is best suited to the individual.
With our help, you or your loved one can learn to handle problems or situations differently. We teach our patients new skills to help them gain better control of their thoughts. Our patients are therefore able to approach situations differently. They are better able to develop and maintain relationships with other people.
We will help you better understand your condition and yourself. We'll also help you develop a better support system. We'll provide you with the support you need and help those around you understand you better.
If you or someone you love suffers from this condition, get in touch with us right away. We'll provide you with more information on how we can help you in dealing with this issue. Book your appointment and come speak with our psychiatrist for more information on the therapy options available as well as to have a full mental evaluation before treatment can proceed.