Portland, OR

Are you looking for a solutions-based approach to the treatment of behavioral, emotional or other mental problems? Then you should consider our cognitive behavior therapy option.
At Ken R. Erickson MD PHD, you'll get the best care for any mental issues. Our cognitive behavior therapy approach is oriented towards helping your learn new skills or behaviors while solving your issues. We aim to help people to not only get better but also to stay better for the long-term. This form of therapy has shown positive results through various clinical trials and has been successful for many of our patients.
Our approach will help you become a more rational person. You'll think more rationally and have more control over your brain and thoughts. We'll help you keep out the negative thoughts that were once automatic to you. We'll help you think more clearly.
With our help, your beliefs will change. We'll help you begin to see yourself in a different light. We'll help you develop the self-confidence you need to be the person you want to be. We'll help you control what you think about yourself and therefore gain confidence in yourself.
With this approach to your behavioral or mental issues, we'll help you relax and calm down. You'll be less anxious and be able to deal with issues in a more rational way. You can face the world more confidently knowing that the things that once caused you anxiety are no longer as frightening. You'll be better able to handle different situations.
If you reside in the Portland, OR area, contact us. We'll help you get the results that you so desperately need. Our approach is based on facts and years of study. You'll learn a different way to look at your life. We'll help you regain your life. We look forward to hearing from you.