Tigard, OR

Not every health problem can be solved by visiting your family doctor. Sometimes you need the help of a specialist. Some problems that manifest physically could have psychological origins. It therefore helps to pay a visit to a qualified psychiatrist.
At Ken R. Erickson MD PHD, you'll get the best psychiatry services available in the Figard, OR area. Our doctor has received specialized training to assist patients in dealing with mental health issues. He is a cut above the regular general practitioner, having attended some extra schooling and specializing in mental health.
There is a big difference between therapists and psychiatrists. A therapist has only received training in psychology. Our doctor is a medical doctor who has specialized in psychology. We can therefore provide you with more specialized care as well as prescriptions for any medication that will help you improve.
If you feel that you or a loved one needs some special attention, contact us today. We will provide you with a full mental health evaluation to get a better understanding of what's happening to you. With this evaluation, we are able to diagnose complex mental issues that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.
Don't risk going to a general practitioner or a therapist when you can visit us. We often help patients who have conditions that are misdiagnosed. Contact us for an evaluation to ensure that you get your condition diagnosed correctly. This ensures your receive the right treatment in good time.
Get in touch with us if you need services for psychiatry. We will help you set up an appointment for an in-depth evaluation and get you started on the right road to recovery. Don't go to a general practitioner if you're experiencing a problem that they have failed to diagnose or treat adequately. Contact us today.