Bipolar Disorders

Gresham, OR

Do you or someone you know have trouble concentrating? Are you or the person you love absentminded, forgetful or impulsive? You may need ADHD treatment. We at Ken R. Erickson MD PHD offer effective treatment for this and other psychological issues at our clinic. Our services are available to the residents of Gresham, OR area.

Suffering from ADHD can be like being trapped in a box with no hope of escape. It can be exhausting and frustrating. Many patients who come to us have lost hope. This is true even for those who love them and support them.

The problem with this condition is that it is difficult to diagnose. However, with our help, we can accurately diagnose the condition and determine the best course of treatment to help treat you or the person you love.

Our therapy approach will help you gain greater clarity and focus. We will help you develop increased mental focus and therefore ensure that you're less prone to distractions. With increased self-awareness, we'll help you develop increased self-esteem. We'll help you get rid of the negativity that has dominated your thoughts and feelings for years.
Not managing this condition can result in troubled relationships. We help our patients reconnect with their loved ones. With our help, they are able to better understand the problems that exist between them. They are then better able to rebuild their relationships.

Don't let this condition destroy you or your loved one. Contact us today. We'll ensure that you get the right diagnosis and treatment. We'll help you avoid the risks to your physical and mental health. We'll help you deal with the mounting disappointments and frustrations that often result from this condition.

Determining the right treatment plan often takes some time. Contact us today to get an early start on the road to recovery.